Not Everyone Likes A DWI Attorney

This was written by the DWI DUDE, Jamie Balagia, in response to a very uneducated and misinformed citizen.  I am of the opinion that Jamie gave him more time of day than he deserved.

Not Every Citizen Likes a DWI Attorney

I received this message on my DWI website contact page today and wanted to respond and to share it.

"Your stupid commerical you talk about how much money cops make in overtime. Well how much money do you take from these fine up standing people you are trying to get off on a crime they did commite(sp)."

Sir, As I read your words from above I thought that you deserved a response since you took the time to write it.  Evidently you are upset with some circumstances that have occurred in your life that got triggered by my advertising.  I did not intend to make you feel uncomfortable but I also stand by my advertising position.  When I was a cop I understood that my credibility was always at issue when I made an arrest and I never had a problem with standing up and defending an arrest.  Citizens and jurors should know that police officers stand to make additional money when they make DWI arrests.  Some officers have doubled and others have tripled their salary with DWI overtime while working with the Austin and San Antonio Police Departments.

And I don’t "take" money from my clients – I earn it and so does my excellent staff and associate attorneys.  We all work very hard to do the best job possible in a very difficult situation.  We have people that think just like you trying to get on DWI juries so they can convict a fellow citizen.  They aren’t concerned about justice or fairness but only try to punish while turning a blind eye to the American justice system.  If you don’t like the Constitution you should try to legislatively abolish it but don’t ridicule it with your "everybody the police arrest is guilty" attitude.

I also question whether or not you respect the decision of any jury that would return a verdict of Not Guilty.  Jurors that honor the “Presumption of Innocence” and find that the State did not meet the burden of "Guilty Beyond a Reasonable Doubt" must return a verdict of Not Guilty.  They are true Americans that are honoring their oath and they should be given respect and honor back.

You and I are both aware of the great number of citizens that have been freed from prison after spending many years there after a wrongful conviction.  I hope you are never wrongfully arrested but if it ever happens I hope you are fortunate enough to hire a firm like mine that will earn your money, do the best job possible under the circumstances, stand up for your Constitutional  Rights and do their very best to capture a Not Guilty verdict on your behalf.

I am posting this email on my website without disclosing your name, email address or phone number so that you don’t receive unwanted comments.  May God bless you and allow you to accept this email with the spirit of peace that I write it with.