Ceder Law Firm Welcome Information


On behalf of THE CEDER LAW FIRM I want to send you this message personally to extend our sincere welcome to as our client. It is my hope that we can assist in helping obtain the very best for you, regardless of the facts and/or circumstances of your legal situation.  While every case is different, and no outcome is EVER guaranteed, we try to work very hard to ensure you obtain the best representation available.  If you have any questions along the way, feel free to reach out to me, or to any one of my staff members we are here to help you through what we know can be a tough time.

Hopefully, this letter helps you become familiar with who we are as a Law Firm, and also might help provide you with general information about our practice, our experience, and expectations going forward.  I also have plenty of information via e-mail should you need it, as well as on DropBox.  These would include possible various classes that can be helpful for you to complete while your case is pending, information on charges of Driving While Intoxicated, and/or criminal defense offenses in general, the range of punishment for any given criminal charge, the possibility of getting your record expunged and/or sealed following a possible disposition, and also just basic information that you may need that many attorneys take for granted with their clients (for instance, simply easy to follow directions to any given courthouse you may have to attend for various settings. 

I also try to send out something relating to what you should expect on your first court setting, because many people have a very wrong impression on how our criminal justice system operates.  Sometimes the wheels of justice turn slowly, but we always will try to do what we can to ensure a fast and expedient result.  Regardless, if you have any questions about anything at all, feel free to contact me directly, usually best by e-mail at [email protected], or by text message to 214.702.2275 (if you call this number at any given time a receptionist will always answer, and after hours an answering service field all calls).  My personal cell phone, as well, is 214.300.5262, although I usually do not answer it frequently, not only due to the volume of calls that I experience throughout the day, but usually more so because I am very frequently in court.  Please call this number only in an emergency.

Regardless, always feel free to reach out to anyone at our office; we will do our best to work hard on your case, keep you apprised of your situation, and answer all questions in a timely fashion. Again, text message and/or e-mail is the best way to get a response from me personally, and I try my very best to respond with 24-48 hours, regardless of the pressure I may be under with other trials, hearings, etc. that I may be handling at any given time.

Our practice is deeply devoted to trying to help obtain the best possible defense given the specific facts and situation of your case. I’ve given a particular focus throughout the duration of my career to intoxication-related offenses, such as charges of Driving While Intoxicated, but I’ve also handled just about any criminal case that can arise in our justice system.  With that in mind, I welcome any and all questions you may have about how to effectively assist in your defense, regardless of what stage of your proceeding you may be at.  It is true that the individuals who achieve the best results are usually the ones who are more than willing to meet their attorney at least halfway.  With that in mind, I implore you to utilize this same concept when you consider our time, the process, and your relationship with my office in the time ahead.  Over the years I have accumulated many useful items and material that can be very useful in the defense of your case, regardless of the facts and/or what your situation may entail.

More than anything, I want to convey that my office will vigorously defend your rights in a trial setting, if necessary, (obviously only if we both agree that this is the best option to employ to help give you the best overall outcome).  Advocating to a judge or jury on behalf of the accused is precisely why I chose this as my career.  While to some trials may seem scary, it is true that successful trial experience is the cornerstone of where your defense starts.

In my opinion, that is what makes our criminal justice system the best in the world.  The strongest sword a criminal defense attorney can have is the power to try a case to a jury of the peers of the accused. In this respect, you are not letting a judge, a prosecutor, or anyone else influence you on how to dispose of your case.  Regardless of the outcome, I always tell those I represent, both before and after a trial verdict, that they should be abundantly proud for having the strength and courage to see the process to the fullest.

However, what I try to accomplish, most of all, is making sure your rights are properly, adequately, and closely protected.  The biggest travesty that can occur, without a doubt, would be in letting a wrongful conviction be the end result of a case. Believe me, I try to work extremely hard at my work and take immense pride in being effective at representing those in your situation.  I want nothing more than for you to get through this with a positive overall feeling, and after all is said and done, hopefully, we can help you truly feel that you were treated fairly and appropriately in our system, and safe with me as your advocate and guide along the way.

All this being said, if for some reason I am unavailable for you to communicate with me directly, it usually means that I am in trial, or tied up in a similar contested setting/hearing.  If this happens to be the case, please know that I always try to devote the same attention to every client I work with, and will obviously do the same for you when the situation dictates and the time is right.  Given this scenario, regardless, what we ask most of all is patience throughout all stages of each proceeding. Please try to keep in mind that our office is the one on your side, and not anyone else in the courthouse or in the system that you may see play a role in the process as it unfolds. Rest assured, I will return calls, e-mails, and text messages, as quickly as I can, and your case will never, ever, fall into neglect if you entrust your case, your life, and your freedom, with my Law Office.

If you need to contact Sandy, my paralegal who I work extremely close with, by reaching out to the following:

- Sandra “Sandy” Chaimowicz, Trial Paralegal

- E-mail: [email protected] and/or [email protected]

- Phone: (Direct Line): 469.340.0106/469.269.LAWS (5297) 

Again, welcome to our office.  We welcome you as a client and look forward to working with you to get through this in the time ahead.  I hope more than anything we can help you achieve a positive outcome where you will be able to move forward without the hindrance of a criminal conviction on your record.  It is always my desire for everyone that engages my office to leave our service following what disposition results feeling satisfied, and with the utmost confidence knowing they received experienced, proficient, and aggressive legal representation from our Law Office. 


                                                             Carl Ceder
                                                             Attorney at Law
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                                                              Board Certified – Criminal Law
                                                              Texas Board of Legal Specialization