The Criminal Justice System

In light of how people often think our criminal justice system is flawed, recently I have been fortunate enough to have obtained results that prove the contrary.  People often cite the O.J. Simpson case, and most recently the Casey Anthony verdict, when theorizing how our legal system does not ensure justice.

In the last month I received a dismissal, an acquittal via a bench (judge) trial, a grand jury no-bill, and an acquittal in a jury trial where the Judge made very fair rulings on issues that would have certainly altered the outcome of the case.  

The first 3 cases were made by a Judge, the DA's office, and a grand jury. All of these entities were decisions made by those in power who were not afraid to do what's right.  All were very serious felony cases, and the decisions, based on different facts and circumstances, were no doubt difficult to make.  The acquittal received in the last case was primarily received because the Judge only made rulings consistent with the appropriate law.  Sadly, this does not always happen.  It did in this case, and it makes me proud at this moment to practice law.

Right now, I would have to say to those who theorize that our criminal justice is flawed, in my humble opinion, I would have to respond back that I think they are wrong.  While there are times when justice is not served, I still believe that this is the exception, rather than the rule. The successful results I obtained were made possible by those in position of authority that made the decisions because they believed it was the right thing to do.  Despite clear situations where the system may fail - it's still the best system in the world.