I Am The Lawyer

My friend and mentor Jamie Balagia, the DWI DUDE, sent this to me.  I felt it was worth remembering and posting.  

"I am the lawyer. I displace brute force with mercy, justice and equity. I taught mankind to respect the rights of others to their property, to their personal liberty, to freedom of conscience, to free speech and free assembly. I am the spokesman of the righteous causes. I plead for the poor, the prosecuted, the widows and orphans. I maintain honor in the marketplace. I am the champion of unpopular cases. I am the foe of tyranny, oppression and bureaucracy. I prepared the way for the Ten Commandments. I pleaded for the freedom of the slave in Greece and for the captive in Rome. I fought the Stamp Act. I wrote the Declaration of Independence and the rights of man. I defended the slaves. I was an abolitionist. I issued the emancipation proclamation. In every land in every clime I punish the wicked, protect the innocent and raise the lowly and oppose brutality and injustice. I fought in every war for liberty. I stand in the way of public clamour and the tyranny of majority. I plead for the rich man, lest prejudice prevent him from getting justice and I insist that the poor man be accorded all his rights and privileges. I seek the equality of mankind regardless of race, color, caste and sex or religion. I hate fraud, deceit or trickery. I am forbidden to serve two masters or to compromise justice. I am the conservative of the past, the liberal of the present and the radical of the future. I believe in convention but I cut the Gordian knot of formalism and red tape to do justice equally. I am the scapegoat of the world. I hold the rights of mankind in the hollow of my hand but am unable to obtain recognition of my own. I am the pioneer. I am the last to renounce the past and to overturn the present. I am the just judge and the righteous ruler. I hear before I condemn. I seek the best in everyone. I am the lawyer. "

- Lewis Land